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Manu Wild 8 days and 7 nights

BIO MANU EXPERIENCE (BME) Reserved Zone Manu National Park Manu Wild – 8 days and 7 nights

Enter the deepest part of the Manu National Park Total disconnection, 100% Wild.



 Day 01: Cusco (3,300 m.a.s.l.) – Manu Cloud Forest – Pillcopata Lodge (500 m.a.s.l.)

5:00 AM we will pick you up at your hotel in our private Minivan. Leaving the city of Cusco, our first stop will be (The Tombs), a pre-Inca site called Ninamarca of the pre-Inca culture Lupacas through the trip beautiful views of landscapes, then we will arrive at Paucartambo (the folkloric capital of Cusco) showing the beautiful Spanish colonial architecture and an old stone bridge called Carlos Third, built in the seventeenth century, then we continue our journey to the Acjanaco pass at 3,600 m.a.s.l. (11,811 feet) we walk to see the dramatic change of the ecosystems if the clouds allow us, we will see the Amazon jungle of Manu as the starting point of the National Park. We travel along the Manu road enjoying the cloud forest this landscape is simply amazing. There are many waterfalls on the way. That in the end will end in the Amazon River, on the side of the road we are having lunch surrounded by mountains covered with vegetation and so much wildlife hidden in nature, also we are walking to see some unique species of mosses, lichens, orchids and birds in this habitat, we have possibilities to see quetzals, toucans, tanagers the cock of the rock, trogons, tanagers, mammals such as the brown capuchin monkeys and the gray woolly monkeys.

And in the afternoon we arrived at our hostel in Pillcopata.

Day 02 Pillcopata Lodge – Aguas Calientes Shintuya – El Dorado Lodge

After a good breakfast we go to the port Atalaya. during the tour you can see beautiful scenery and a spectacular viewpoint where you can see the river Alto Madre de Dios, we arrived at the Atalaya river port, we will board our motorized boat and navigate on the Rio Alto Madre de Dios 3 to 4Hours, We arrive at the community of shintuya, where we have the option to enjoy the hot springs in the middle of the jungle, then we continue the trip to the Dorado lodge, we walk along the trails around. Overnight at Dorado Lodge.

Day 03 El Dorado Lodge – Casa Machiguenka.

Casa Marchigenga is a good example of community-based tourism as the project is coming from the community and 100% of the earnings are going to them. It enabled the creation of a craft shop, medicines, boats and engines have been purchased,

We wake up early and embark  our boat, we head towards the reserved Zone of ​​the Manu National Park, where we have excellent opportunity to find the jaguar (Phantera onca) on the banks of the Manu River, our first stop will be in the Limonal Control Post and within the Park we register and we have the opportunity to visit the observation tower a km away where you can see variety of bird species, then continue the journey through the river Manu, where you can see the black caiman (Melanosuchus niger) currently threatened by excessive hunting but protected in the Park, birds, mammals, in the afternoon we arrive at Machiguenga house and there is the option of doing nocturnal hiking in search of insects reptiles, arachnids, amphibians etc.

 Day 04: Casa Machiguenga Cocha Salvador – Torre Cocha Otorongo.

This day we will visit 2 beautiful lakes. Cocha (Lake) Salvador; then we will visit Cocha Otorongo. To get there we will board our boat 30 minutes. Maybe we will see a family of capybaras, the largest rodent in the world, walking on the riverbank, or maybe a jaguar resting or sunbathing on the banks of the Manu River.

The trail to the lake is approximately 20 minutes, an excellent opportunity to find one or more of the 13 species of monkeys in the park that jump through the canopy.

These oxbow lakes are formed when the river changes its course, leaving behind a channel with no exit to the main course. The lakes are abundant in fish and wildlife, and provide a good habitat

The best for alligators (Melanusuchus niger) and the giant otters (Pteronura brasiliensis), one of the most endangered species of mammals in the Amazon.

The Salvador Lake is the largest in the area, with a length of 3.5 km, or approximately two miles long. We will navigate the lake on a floating catamaran platform, which offers excellent view to photograph the wildlife.

The same day we will visit the Cocha Otorongo which is located 40 minutes from Rio Manu, where we will walk to the observation tower where with our powerful telescope we will spot all animals we can, then we will return to Casa Machiguenga and Overnight.

Day 05 Casa Machiguenga – Macaw Clay lick.

We have an early breakfast and we walk towards the Macaw clay lick. It is a 40 minute walk inside a pristine forest, where there are possibilities to observe large macaws, and a variety of parrots and parrots, once the activity is over we will take a long route in search of mammals.

In the afternoon we will go upriver in search of wildlife on the riverbanks, where we have good opportunities to take spectacular pictures of the sunset along the Manu River, and we will turn off the engine and the jungle will give us the melodious natural sound, while we drift down river, Overnight Casa Machiguenga.

Day 06 Machiguenga House- Manu Lodge – Tapir Clay lick

We have breakfast early, and take our boat and head towards the Manu lodge, down the Manu River and continue the navigation along the Madre de Dios River. We will make a short stop in the village of Boca Manu to refuel, during the journey along both rivers. , we have options to see mammals and birds, arriving at the lodge in the afternoon. and at night we go to the tapir or mammal clay lick,  where not only these mammals go in search of these minerals to neutralize the toxins of fruits, It is also likely to see deer, porcupines etc. Overnight at Manu Lodge.

Day 07 Manu Lodge – Collpa de Guacamayos Blanquillo.

After breakfast we will board our boat, to head to the large macaw clay lick. Located an hour from the lodge, a very comfortable place to be able to photograph them. After lunch we will explore the different trails around the Manu lodge.

At night there is the option to visit the tapir clay if there was no luck the night before

Overnight, at Manu Lodge..

Day 08 Manu Lodge – Cusco or Lima

After breakfast we will embark and head down river to Boca Colorado, we will take a private mobility that will take us to Puerto Punkiri, then we cross the Inambari River, and our own mobility will wait for us and we will make the return trip to the Imperial city of Cusco, where we will leave at your hotel.

Or if you have a direct flight to Lima we will take you to Puerto Maldonado.

End of our service.



  • Private transportation from Cusco to Atalaya and back From Puerto Santa Rosa to Cusco
  • Motorized boat with individual cushioned seat plus safety equipment
  • Experienced professional guide implemented with telescope and binocular
  • Professional Cook.
  • Mid-morning snacks throughout the tour.
  • Food throughout the itinerary (vegetarian option)
  • Mineral Water for the entire trip
  • Accommodation in Lodges.
  • First aid kit.
  • (After Bite) for mosquito bites
  • A pair of rubber boots (this is important for walks in the forest)


  • Alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, etc.
  • First breakfast and last Dinner.
  • Binoculars (you can rent them with us)
  • Flight tickets from Pem to Cuz or Lim.
  • Tips (optional).


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